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 I live by the wise words of Henrik Ibsen's Jatgeir the Poet from The Pretenders, "A man might die for the lifework of another, but if he lives, he must live for his own." Here you'll see I am doing just that.  I am committed to writing about strong female leaders and typically underrepresented populations.


Current Projects


Moonlit Night

Moonlight on the Water

A female Native American living as a male soldier in Texas, helps a pregnant woman escape invading troops at the close of the Civil War. Wounded and on the run, the women battle the elements while evading a deranged Northern Officer who is bent on their capture.

Spaceship Landing on Earth

The Lady of Anboto

Based on the Basque legend of Mari and Sugaar. In 2058, a female astronaut attempts to make history with the first light speed flight. Unforseen consequences throw the rocket back in time to Earth's middle ages. A woman from the future becomes a legend in the past.


Buried Within

A Psychological Horror

Outdoor Music Show

A mentally unstable musician on tour leaves a trail of bodies in his wake that lead right back to him ...or does it?

Screenplay written from a treatment by Irin "Iroc" Daniels.

At the Station

Untitled Comedy

Second collaboration with Irin "Iroc" Daniels

Tin Wall


Tia Santa Maria

Based on a true story. A Mexican woman struggles to be reunited with her dying American husband.


Past Projects


Wild West Vintage Objects

A Pickle in the Pitkin House or Governor Pitkin Saves the Day

July 24, 25, 26th 2014

A commissioned melodrama for the Town of Pitkin presented by the Pitkin Historical and Community Association, this melodrama was written to commemorate 135 years of Pitkin History. Set in 1879 at the Pitkin House Hotel, young Maggie Britton becomes determined to stay true to her lost love, despite the evil machinations of local sporting house owner; Charlie Briggs. Based on characters from Pitkin's Gold Rush history.

Futuristic World

Of Pati


My final project for Phoenix College, this play was performed at the John Paul Theater Blackbox. Of Pati takes place in a dystopian future where everyone is watched and tracked via subdermal microchip. Pati is raised by her grandmother and joins the government Watchers. She becomes disillusioned with the status quo when her commanding officer forces her to choose between the police state and her family. Family wins in the end and Pati removes her chip to become the new leader of the resistance.



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About Me

More Than Words

Growing up, I worked in local film, television and stage in Scottsdale, Arizona. I started writing in college when I became frustrated with all of the material that I came across in the industry that marginalized women. I won the Lotta M. Crabtree Theatrical trust scholarship and went to CalArts to study acting. Later, I moved to Norway to study the plays of Henrik Ibsen and his Contemporaries as the first American accepted to the University of Oslo's Center for Ibsen Studies MPhil program.  I came back to the USA after five years abroad and earned two more Masters in Secondary Ed and Special Ed. When I am not writing for stage and screen, I am chasing around my three energetic children and traveling with my husband.